Clapham Road – Breaking Ground

Clapham Road – Breaking Ground

Harper Downie’s proposal was first developed in 2013 with the objective of producing an exciting mixed used scheme in an urban site with great opportunities.

We achieved planning approval in Jan 2014 for the mixed use scheme comprising of 3,149sq.m of B1 commercial space, a retail unit, cafe and 79 residential units.

Demolition is complete and the erection of the tower crane marks the start of the construction phase for the Clapham Road scheme.

Harper Downie also prepared the tender package and assisted the land owner (Notting Hill Housing Association) during the contractors selection process.




Acquired on an unconditional basis, this former Peugeot car dealership is located on the corner of Clapham Road and Jeffrey’s Road, Ipsus09 is set to become a prominent local landmark on the eastern approach to Clapham.

Ipsus Developments Ltd

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